About ColibriV

We are a company that raises mixed funds, both from organizations
that promote clean means of transportation and from private capital
with economic performance motivations.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to reduce carbon emissions by investing in sustainable projects for the future. We want to make it easier for people to do their part in reducing pollution and improving air quality.

By providing funding for innovative technologies, we can help create new jobs and opportunities while also protecting our planet’s natural resources. Join us today!


We are a team of entrepreneurs who have been the backbone for many successful startups.
We ride on extensive experience, and we work alongside Fortune 500 companies.

Jorge J. Peraza

Chief Executive Officer

Silvia Jiménez P.

Chief Operating Officer

Luis Jiménez M.

Chief Financial Officer


The development phases of this project have been programmed to take place in two regions, both in New York USA and Guanacaste Costa Rica. With this, the best of each location is taken to achieve extraordinary quality with developments taking places throughout these areas – all for our clients’ benefit!

Why Costa Rica?

– Human talent and education system.

– Political stability.

– Geographical location including the proximity of North America.

– Production costs using qualified talent.

– Free zone system as access to cost opportunities.

– Culture and projection as a country in clean environmental energies and protection programs.

– Promoters of protection and carbon neutrality on the planet.

– High-tech industry.

25% + of the territory in protected areas for the preservation of natural ecosystems.

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