A new era is being born in the world of aviation, to create a revolution both in design and technology. The creation of hydrogen aircraft will help us achieve sustainability through clean energy.


A new era is being born in the world of aviation, to create a revolution both in design and technology. The creation of hydrogen aircraft will help us achieve sustainability through clean energy.


We are heading towards the development of
engines with clean propulsion.

Hydrogen as a fuel is a clean option that does not produce co2, eliminating some of the environmental concerns associated with current aircraft technologies.


It can be produced from water
not intended for human consumption.


High flame speed and 3 times
more efficient combustion.

Zero CO2

Burns to water vapour,
thus eliminating CO2 emissions.


More safety by having
less flammability in the air.


million tons of CO2 from air transport year.


Flights take off and land every day all over the globe


Global aircraft fleet growth grew from 2015 to 2020


Goal for zero CO2 emissions in 2050


Goals &

The industry of aviation has been unable to solve the problem of reducing fuel consumption and emissions, as well as increasing passenger comfort.

Additional, there is a need for new materials that reduce resistance without adding weight or compromising safety. Plus, intelligent software should be developed to improve aeronautical safety and increase capacity for mass transportation.

Our solution is using hydrogen turbofans, we will be able to decrease fuel consumption by up to 50% while also decreasing emissions by 80%. We can achieve this through intelligent machine learning software that predicts possible problems with our plane before they actually occur. This way, we can prevent accidents from occurring in the first place! Our hydrogen turbofan engines are also safer than traditional jet engines because they only use water vapor as exhaust! Hydrogen Turbofans will make flying more enjoyable and environmentally friendly.


Milestones and certifications

The project will be executed in milestones for a correct progression in each advance and to be able
to advance in the staggering growth of the operations, both at the regulatory level in the country,
as well as infrastructure and human talent.

In all milestones, the requirements provided in the different processes
by the FAA, EASA, and DGAC will be followed.

Research design and scale tests.


  • Research and development of models and engineering for initial turbofans, seeking propulsion for aircraft greater than 110 feet.
  • Development of event prediction models at the navigability system level.
  • Software development for different sensors and necessary hardware.
  • Improvement of the electrical and battery system research and combined tests towards an advance of the current system, seeking to combine electric propulsion and turbofan.
  • Research and development of composite materials for hydrogen storage as well as security measures for aircraft.
  • Research, development of fuselage CAD and prediction models.
  • Material resistance and performance tests.
  • Creation of a scale fuselage for wind tunnel tests.

Improved Hydrogen production.

  • Research for the generation of Hydrogen from electrolysis from water, seeking a balance in energy consumption for water not intended for human consumption (Salt or sewage).
  • Development of hydrogen distribution and storage systems in airports, including security systems and protocols to contain mishaps.

Manufacturing and testing plant.

  • Feasibility studies for the best area in terms of construction of a manufacturing and research plant, as well as a landing strip and delivery center, either from scratch or taking advantage of an existing structure.
  • Construction of the minimum viable infrastructure in the first phase.

Aircraft manufacturing.



  • Construction of aircraft for tests.
  • National certifications, FAA, EASA.
  • Security, performance, maneuverability, and machine learning process tests for the final software.
  • Mass production.



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